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In trap shooting, the targets are launched from a single “house” or machine, generally away from the shooter. Trapshooting has been a sport since the late 18th century and can be enjoyed by all age groups.

Skeet Shooting

The sport of skeet consists of 8 stations in a semi-circle.  The art and practice of skeet replicates the flight path of flying crossing bird which is not only fun and challenging but it will aid in making you a better hunter as well.

skeet feild
sporting clays

Sporting Clay

Includes a more complex course, with many launch points. It is fun and is a great way to hone in your shooting skills.

Five Stand Range

Is a type of shotgun sport shooting similar to sporting claystrap and skeet. There are five stations, or stands and six to eighteen strategically placed clay target throwers(called traps). Shooters shoot in turn at various combinations of clay birds. Each station will have a menu card that lets the shooter know the sequence of clay birds he or she will be shooting at (i.e. which trap the clay bird will be coming from). Our stations are indoor which is a great plus.

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Archery is the sport, practice, or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows. Archery is a calming and fine sport enjoyed by many. Our outdoor range is from 20 t0 60 yards.